Crispy Skin Chicken With Honey Garlic Sauce


It might seem like a skill reserved for professional chefs but making perfectly crispy skin chicken is actually easier than you think. The secret? Fry it slow and steady. In this recipe I show you how to make delicious, succulent crispy skin chicken thighs with honey garlic sauce vegetables. This dish got an ‘Oh yeah!’ from my

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Easy Grilled Pork Cutlets & Hazelnut Red Cabbage Slaw


Here is a new dish in my Complete Paleo Meals series, in which I share my favourite dinner recipes that are well balanced and include protein, veggies and some healthy carbs all in one. Today it’s grilled pork cutlets (can be steaks or chops) with a gorgeous, crunchy rainbow slaw salad with hazelnuts.

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Chocolisious Coconut Jaffa Cups


I like treats like everyone else but even with some cheeky desserts I try to make them nutritious as well as delicious. Today I’m sharing some yummy chocolatey, orangey goodness from Claire Yates’s book Optimal Health The Paleo Way, which is a fantastic resource for anyone starting out with the paleo lifestyle.

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