Homemade Japanese Chicken Curry


Some of you might be familiar with the Japanese Golden Curry. It’s a delicious, rich, hearty and comforting food with a massive caveat – it’s usually made from a packet, or a compressed powder cube to be more specific. Even the ones you find in Japanese eateries will sometimes be made from a packet. I

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Best Paleo Sweet Potato Recipes


As we see it, there are three staple vegetables in paleo cooking that replace refined and grain based carbohydrate foods. While cauliflower is a substitute for rice and zucchini is a perfect spaghetti and noodle alternative, sweet potato replaces everything else. It’s a truly vesatile vegetable so it’s about time that we’ve done a round up

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Chicken & Sweet Potato Bake with Olives & Preserved Lemon


I recently purchased this beautiful baking dish and now I can’t stop making oven cooked dishes such as casseroles, pies and frittatas. So when I needed to use up some leftover chicken and sweet potato, I decided to make a tagine inspired dish that I could bake. This paleo friendly chicken and sweet potato bake (or should

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Chia Coconut & Strawberry Bircher Porridge


Today I am sharing a recipe for a delicious and light bircher porridge that you can prepare very quickly in the morning. As well as some basic ingredients every paleo pantry should have, I am also using a yummy superfood powder for an additional antioxidant boost. I’ve been testing out a few products from Nature’s

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